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Sydney Quantum Academy (SQA) is committed to policies and principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

SQA (the Event Organiser) recognises that barriers still exist for people from marginalised and underrepresented groups to enter and progress in STEM. SQA also recognises the systemic inequities and injustices people from marginalised and underrepresented groups face daily. Underrepresentation from these groups is directly attributed to these long-standing barriers. SQA is therefore committed to improving equity, diversity, and inclusion within the quantum ecosystem. 

SQA’s goal is to foster an inclusive and respectful conference environment that supports participation from people of all genders, ethnicities, races, ages, abilities, sexual orientation, and religions that represents and reflects contemporary Australian society. This code of conduct promotes equity, diversity, and inclusion by actively advocating for an environment that is respectful, inclusive, and limits barriers to participation. 

All conference attendees, speakers, sponsors, and volunteers (participants) at Quantum Australia 2024 are required to abide by this code of conduct. It applies to all in-person event venues and event-related social activities. 

By participating in Quantum Australia 2024, you agree to act in a manner which reflects mutual respect and tolerance for all attendees. 

If someone makes you or anyone else feel unsafe or unwelcome, please report it as soon as possible by email to or to any of the event organisers. We commit to treating this as confidentially and respectfully as possible and will take action to maintain a respectful environment for all participants. 

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