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Accessibility and inclusivity at quantum australia

Sydney Quantum Academy is committed to making Quantum Australia a safe, inclusive, and enjoyable event for all. See below for further information. If you have additional questions and specific accessibility requirements, please let us know via the registration form when booking your ticket or contact us at

Venue Directions

The venue address is: The Winx Stand, Royal Randwick, Alison Road, Randwick, NSW 2031

How to get there:

Public transport: To access the venue by public transport, you can either use light rail or buses which are both accessible (click here for more information about accessibility of public transport)

If you take light rail, use L2 directly to Royal Randwick. The Royal Randwick stop is located on Alison Road which is opposite main entrance to the Royal Randwick precinct. Other option is the L3 to the stop Kensington.

For buses visit for details on transport services to plan your trip. Plenty of regular route buses also run between the City and Eastern Suburbs via Anzac Parade and Alison Road to get you to Royal Randwick precinct including bus routes 339, 373, 374, 376 and 377.

Drop off: Taxis enter Royal Randwick through the Ascot Street entrance where there is a secure taxi rank for set-down and collection.

Private vehicle drop off and pick-up area is via the Alison Road busway or via Ascot Street.

Please note that any taxis, ride share and hire cars are not permitted to stop on Alison Road or Doncaster Avenue.

Parking: paid entry parking (up to $10 a day) are available to event attendees. If you require an accessible car park, please let us know via the registration form when booking your ticket or by email at For more information view this parking map

Locating the Winx Stand: The conference and careers fair will be held at the Winx Stand. See the precinct map here for more information. 

Venue Specific Accessibility Information

There is a clear, continuous accessible path of travel from the venue entrance to all the areas being used as part of the event with all doors wide enough (minimum 1000mm) for a wheelchair user to get through.

Any areas where there are stairs leading into the venue are supplemented with a ramp and/or elevator.

Assistance animals

Guide dogs or any animals trained to assist people with disability are welcome inside all areas of the event. To ensure appropriate seating is allocated, please advise of your requirements via the registration form or contact us via

Accessible toilets

Accessible toilets are available in the venue. There is an accessible cubical within the bathrooms on the ground floor and a gender-neutral accessible bathroom on level 1.

Accessible seating and charging stations

Accessible seating is available for wheelchairs or motorised scooters. If you require accessible seating or charging stations, please let us know via

Hearing Loops

Please contact us via if you require access to hearing loop.


We are exploring an option to provide open captions during the conference if required. Please contact us via if you require open captions.

Sensory information

We understand that conferences may be an environment that can be challenging for those who are sensory sensitive. No special light effects nor loud noise or music are planned for the event. Please contact us at if you would like us to arrange a quiet, safe space for you.

Tactile touch tour

Tactile touch is available at the bottom and top of all stairs and escalators.



SQA’s goal is to foster an inclusive and respectful conference environment that supports participation from people of all genders, ethnicities, races, ages, abilities, sexual orientation, and religions that represent and reflect contemporary Australian society.


Using someone's correct pronouns is a way to show respect and helps create an inclusive environment. The registration form will provide you with an option to choose your pronouns if you would like this to appear on your name badge.

Carer’s Responsibilities

We are exploring ways to make Quantum Australia more family friendly please let us know via the registration form if you may require assistance to attend due to carer’s responsibilities (e.g., availability of breastfeeding room). Should you prefer to discuss this prior to registration, please contact us via

Prayers room

Please reach out via if you require access to a prayers room.

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